Jade Hill Education is a professional education institution featuring in art education, focusing on the investment, operation and management of international private secondary schools. We strengthen and improve aesthetic education at school in an all-round way, persist in educating people with arts and culture, improving aesthetics ability and humanistic accomplishment

Curriculum Development

Jade Hill Education upholds the concept of " Forward-thinking, global-minded and pioneering spirit", trains talented people with excellent comprehensive qualities in the 21st century, adheres to the mission of "cultivating outstanding talents, exploring profound knowledge, serving the people’s livelihood of the society", and strives to build a high-end talent training with the idea of building a fine contingent, creating characteristics and high quality. To study education from an independent perspective, to promote the development of education with social forces, and to achieve the most credible private education think tank.

Academic World​

Site Selection and ScaleFront-line cities and capital citiesThe main choice is in the first-line cities